Our Story

Limu is an exciting online platform for children, which provides for the learning of indigenous languages from our continent. This happens through entertainment and learning via storytelling, animation, music, and stimulating activities.

Our Vision

To inspire the love and connection to Africa, our languages, and our cultures

The Mission

Our mission is to entertain and educate by offering a stimulating and fun language learning experience to children and families

The Platform

This year, we will be launching a fun, easy-to-use APP for children to enjoy Limu. Look out for more updates here!

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    ‘Limu’ is derived from the Nguni and Swahili word for 'tongue'. It symbolizes the mother tongue in line with the passion to encourage the love and learning of  African home languages. 

Who We Are

Passionate educators, media and content development specialists, tech enthusiasts. 

What We Do

We develop technology and media driven solutions to learning African languages

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    Our Purpose

    Limu is inspired by a combination of the founders’ personal experience and passion. We want to create fun opportunities for children to experience and enjoy African content and African languages.

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    Languages Made Fun

    We believe there is a special magic and joy that exists in Africa; in its people, its culture, and its languages. We believe children deserve the gift of being exposed to and entertained through content that represents them, that they can easily embrace and enjoy!

What we Offer

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    A new world of short stories filled with animated characters

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    Fun interactive activities to practice and reinforce learning

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    Sing along music and games

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    Colourful visuals

New APP Coming this Year!

We are currently upgrading our content and platform! We are developing exciting new stories, creating characters that children will love, and updating our activities and songs

Be the first to know once the APP is launched!

Our Partners

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