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Speak basic Zulu easily! Learn Zulu, which is from the Nguni language group,
and is the most widely spoken language in South Africa.

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Speak beginner Xhosa! Learn Xhosa , a Nguni language spoken in South Africa and by a small group of people in Zimbabwe.

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Speak beginner Setswana! Learn Setswana, a Bantu language spoken in South Africa and Botswana. In addition, there are small groups speaking Setswana in Namibia and Zimbabwe.

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In the Lab


Learn how to speak basic Swahili! Learn Swahili, one of the most spoken languages in Africa, and most widely spoken in East Africa as well as Central Africa.


Speak beginner Shona! Shona is one of the official languages in Zimbabwe, and is one of the most widely spoken Bantu languages.


Learn basic Afrikaans! Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa, and is also spoken in countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland & Zambia.

How It Works

  1. Select a language
  2. Choose a payment plan that works for you
  3. Process payment and open account
  4. The fun begins!

For Individuals

  • With a monthly/annual subscription you receive: 
    • Access to interactive videos and over 100 learning activities
    • Easy to use dashboard to track progress 
    • Regular updates of new stories and activities  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I register for more than 1 language ?

Absolutely! You can register for more than 1 language at a cost of R50 per language, per month. Look out for the languages we have in development, and the launch dates.

Q: I have more than 1 child I would like to register. Is there an option for a family account, or do I need to purchase multiple memberships?

Yes, we have an option for a family account. When making the purchase select “Group” account

Q: Can I add a new language to my subscription in the middle of a billing cycle?

Yes, you can add a new language at any time. The new language will be billed as a new product and billed according to the date of purchase.

Q: I currently have one child on a subscription, but my children want to learn the same language. How can I add more memberships or subscriptions?

Go to the My Account tab and view your subscription. Here you can upgrade your account based on the number of users you would like to add.

Q: Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes, you can pay in any currency. Our billing system will automatically convert the payment to Limu Lab’s local currency, South African Rands.

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For Educators

Limu Lab is an offering that works for individuals and for schools. It is an excellent tool to complement the classroom curriculum  for foundation phase learning. Educators will be able to seamlessly incorporate our platform content as a blended learning tool. They will be able to allocate specific tasks to their classes, while also tracking learner progress on an easy-to-use  learner management dashboard.

For customized learning solutions for African indigenous languages, please get in touch with us: